What will I teach?


You will teach:

  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Conversational grammar
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Reading comprehension.

​You will use:

  • Textbooks & associated workbooks
  • CD’s for listening exercises
  • Flash cards
  • Songs
  • Short stories
  • Games

For your information:

  • You will teach conversational English almost exclusively
  • Grammar is usually taught by local teachers rather than foreign English teachers

Examples of different chapters for each grade level:
The chapters in the text will provide a forum to practice simple conversation, while also expanding related vocabulary.

Grade 1,2,3 Students:

  • My Family, My Classroom, My Body, My Birthday, Colors
  • Trips/vacations, Inventions, Sports & Hobbies.

Grade 4/5 Students:

  • Chores, City and Country Living, Animals, Weather, 5 senses, Food, TV.
  • Measurements, Past Tense, Your Health, Dinosaurs, Time, Days & Dates.

Grade 5/6 Students:

  • Famous People, My Life, Jobs. Future, Planets, Adventures, Records, Symbols.
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